types of burn injuries new orleans

Burn injuries are quite common, in everyday life as well as on the job. Understanding the types and degrees of burns that take place will help you to understand if you have a case for compensation. Burn injuries can occur due to car accidents based on the negligence of others as well as in the workplace due to improper safety protocols being followed. At Cueria Law Firm, we have experience in dealing with burn injury cases and want to help you. Learn more below about types of burns and degrees of burn injuries. If you have suffered a burn injury, meet with our New Orleans personal injury attorneys to review your case.

Understanding the Types of Burns as well as Degrees of Burn Injury

There are several types of burns as well as degrees of burn injury. Learning the difference can help you to better understand if you have a case. 

  • Flash Burn – this burn type takes place when an individual is exposed to an explosion. The closer an individual is to the explosion, the more severe the injury.
  • Thermal Burns – this type of burn is quite common. Heated items like steam, flames, metal or scalding liquids can result in a thermal burn.
  • Inhalation Injury – this type of injury takes place when an individual breathes in fumes during a fire that contains chemicals or smoke. Inhalation injury usually occurs in an enclosed space. Symptoms of this condition include breathing difficulty, upper airway swelling, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Burns are rated based on degrees, with first degree burns, second, third and fourth-degree burn ratings. With a first-degree burn, the burn is not severe and cool water on the affected area should relieve the pain. The wound would need to be covered with a bandage, avoiding the use of sticky band-aids. A first-degree burn can be treated at home. Symptoms of this burn type include swelling, pain, and redness. 

A second-degree burn is the second level of burn which will be more severe. This type of burn is not a surface level skin injury. The second layer of skin is also affected. Blistering, swelling, pain, redness, and splotches can occur. This type of burn usually requires medical attention. 

The most severe burns an individual can experience is third and fourth-degree burns. These burns will affect several layers of skin and go as far as the bone, harming the muscles and fat in the area affected. Nerve damage can also occur which can lead to tingling or numbness in the area. This type of burn is usually caused by a prolonged time frame in flames from a fire. When a third or fourth-degree burn injury takes place, emergency services need to be contacted immediately. Do not try to remove any clothing that has burned to the skin as this can cause even more injury.  Symptoms in this burn category include charring, stiff appearance, leathery appearance, and numbness. 

Common Burn Injury Causes

There are several instances where a burn injury can occur. One of the most common is an automobile fire. A car crash can cause a fire due to explosion and heat exposure. Industrial accidents are also common causes of burn injuries. When working with heated metals or exposed electricity, an individual can be burned. 

The oil industry is also susceptible to fire which leads to burn injuries. When individuals are working with gas or oil, explosions can occur which leads to burn injuries. Work accidents are also common, with individuals suffering from burns due to handling dangerous chemicals, flash burns, explosions, hot oils and more. 

Advancements in medicine have made it much easier for individuals to survive a severe burn injury. Treatments are more effective, but also time consuming and expensive. You may require years of surgeries in order to treat wounds from a burn injury. If you are a victim of a burn injury due to the negligence of someone else or the company you work for, contact our office today. Our New Orleans personal injury attorneys are ready to fight for you.