Different systems are used in the classification of different types of burns. Prior to treatment, it is vital to determine the burn degree, the extent of tissue damage, and cause of the burn. The degree of burns is the primary system utilized for the classification of types of burns. This system ranges from first degree to fourth degree. In addition to the degree, the source of the burn, such as electricity, radiation, or heat may be used to classify a burn.

Classification of Burns

The degree that the burn injury can be categorized is the main way of determining different burn types. This system of classifying a burn type focuses on the layers of skin as well as tissues inside the body. How deeply the victims skin and tissue is penetrated are generally the way higher burn degrees are labeled.

First Degree Burn Type

The least severe type of burn is a first-degree burn. Only the outermost skin layer or epidermis is affected by a first-degree burn. Typically, these types of burns heal fast without the need for medical attention.

Second Degree Burn Type

A burn affecting both the second layer of skin, or dermis and the epidermis is classified as w second-degree burn. These types of burns are characterized by increased pain, redness, and swelling than with a first-degree burn. Scarring may result as well with a deep second-degree burn.

Third Degree Burn Type

Injuries to third-degree burn types penetrate further than the dermis, straight through to the underlying layer of fat. This type of burn may appear stiff, leathery, or waxy with a color or white or tan. Nerve damage may also be a result of a third-degree burn.

Fourth Degree Burn Type

A burn victim can be overwhelmed with a fourth-degree burn. The muscle or bone may be damaged with these types of burns. The victim’s skin may be blackened or charred. As a result of some fourth-degree burns, the victim may not feel pain in the burn location due to severe nerve damage.

Burn Sources

Numerous sources can cause burns. Sources most often found in everyday life are present in minor burn cases. Environmental or specialized workplace materials can be another burn source. Burn types can be temperature, chemical, electrical, or radiation.

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