Vessel Repair and Safety: Employer Obligations

vessel repair and safety employer obligations

If you work in the maritime injury, you are relying on your employer to keep you safe. If you work aboard a vessel, the employer has an obligation to keep the vessel in proper condition, meeting all safety requirements. When an employee is injured on board a vessel that the employer did not meet the set obligations, then compensation could be in order. At Cueria Law Firm, we focus on assisting maritime employees with their personal injury claims. We can review your case and help you file a claim for compensation based on your injury as well as circumstances surrounding the incident. 

What Conditions Must a Seaworthy Vessel Meet?

For a vessel to be in operation on the open seas, it must be considered seaworthy. So, what conditions must a vessel meet to be deemed seaworthy? The employer must ensure the ship is in reasonably fit condition. The tools and equipment of the vessel must be safe and in proper functioning order. Work conditions must also be safe for employees. Sufficient safety devices must be provided, and all crew members need to be trained correctly. 

If the employer fails to meet these criteria, and an employee is injured while on the job, a compensation claim may be filed. Employers must be responsible and offer a safe work environment for every individual on board. Common accidents due to negligence can involve equipment that was not maintained or employees operating equipment without proper training. It is essential that you speak to our Louisiana personal injury attorneys if you have been injured on the job due to the negligence of your employer. 

Recognizing an Unseaworthiness Claim

Not all accident claims will fit within the unseaworthiness claim. For example, if an employee gets drunk during off hours and falls down slippery stairs, they are probably not going to be able to file an unseaworthiness claim. However, if you fall down slippery stairs sober and the employer has done nothing to maintain proper flooring on the ship, then you may have a case. 

Our personal injury attorneys can review your individual case and determine if you qualify for a compensation claim. Our attorneys are well-versed in maritime law and can help you determine how to go about fighting for your rights based on your injury. If you have suffered an injury while on board a vessel and the incident occurred due to the negligence of others, give our office a call. We will review your case and get the ball rolling with a compensation claim.