What Are the Complications of Burn Injuries?

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Under the Jones Act, which you can learn more about from a personal injury attorney in New Orleans, workers who are injured while on the job have the right to sue their employer. If you have suffered a serious injury, or even lost a loved one because of a work-related personal injury, you need to speak to an attorney to understand your rights.

A common work-related injury for many people is a burn. There are several different causes of burns including wet and dry heat, electrical, chemical, friction and more. The cause and severity of the burn determine what complications may arise. Being aware of the most common complications with burn injuries can help you see why they are so serious and why you need to take steps to prevent them while on the job.

Complications of Burn Injuries

If you suffer a burn related personal injury in New Orleans, many complications may arise. Burn injuries can occur in a number of ways, but regardless of the reason, the outcome for those affected is often severe.

Some of the most common complications of burn injuries include:

  • Infection: When your skin is burned, the most protective barrier your body has is compromised.
  • Sepsis: This is a condition that can be life-threatening and results from a rapidly progressing infection.
  • Hypovolemia: Takes place if a burn injury damages the body’s blood vessels, causing the loss of blood and other bodily fluids.
  • Hypothermia: Results from the extreme loss of body heat from skin that is damaged by the burn.
  • Joint difficulties: If scar tissue starts to build up, the victim’s joints are then susceptible to becoming misaligned.

The costs of treating a burn injury, of any degree, are high. To make sure you can hold the right person or business responsible for the injury, you need to consult with a personal injury attorney in New Orleans as soon as possible.

Treatment of Burn Injuries

The treatment of your burn injuries is typically based on the cause of the burn and how severe it is. Some of the most common treatment methods include topical antibiotic pain, medication including opioids for severe burns, IV antibiotics and skin grafts for severe burn cases.

The costs of medical treatment for burns can add up quickly. The more severe the burn is, the longer treatment is required and the higher the medical bills are going to climb. Getting to know your rights can help you recover compensation for the injuries you suffered.

How a New Orleans Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you, or someone you love, is involved in an accident resulting in a severe burn injury, it is crucial you consult with an attorney. Thanks to the Jones Act law, you have certain protections your employer may not want you to be aware of. These protections ensure you are justly compensated for your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering and all other damages related to the injury you suffered.

If you have been burned while on the job, contact us to speak to a New Orleans personal injury lawyer and go over your rights.