What are the Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury?

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The severity of a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can range from mild, which is indicated by a temporary change in mental consciousness or status, to severe, which is indicated by an extended period of amnesia or unconsciousness after the injury occurs.

When a TBI occurs, there are a wide array of short and long-term changes that may occur. These changes can affect a person’s way of thinking, their emotions, language skills and sensation. If you, or someone you love, has suffered a brain injury in New Orleans it is a good idea to contact an attorney to learn if you have the right to sue for monetary compensation.

Common Effects of a Brain Injury in New Orleans

Some of the most common effects that occur after a brain injury include:

  • Emotion – social inappropriateness, acting out, aggression, personality changes, anxiety and depression
  • Language – communication and expression ability and understanding
  • Sensation – balance and sight
  • Thinking – reasoning and balance

The effect of these factors can last on a temporary basis, or for months or years after the injury occurred.

A TBI can also lead to epilepsy that continues throughout a person’s life, as well as an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and several other brain disorders. The evidence of these often isn’t seen until later in a person’s life.

After a person suffers a TBI, it is important to undergo regular medical treatment and evaluation to ensure no other symptoms of a brain injury show up. If they do, contacting a brain injury attorney right away is essential.

The Problem with Repeated TBIs

If a person suffers mild TBIs occurring over an extended period of time, it can result in cumulative cognitive and neurological deficits. If repeated mild TBIs occur within a short period of time, such as weeks, days or hours of one another, the results may be fatal.

How to Prevent a TBI

There are several ways you can sustain a traumatic brain injury. Regardless of the cause of the brain injury, it is important to contact a brain injury attorney for help.

Some of the methods of safeguarding a person, at all stages of life, from a TBI include:

  • Make sure you wear a seatbelt each time you ride in a vehicle.
  • Strap children into car seats and booster seats appropriate for their age and height.
  • Never drive after drinking or taking drugs
  • Wear a helmet and make sure your children also wear a helmet during sports, while riding a bike, horse or snowboarding.
  • Make sure homes and businesses are free from hazards that may cause a slip and fall accident.
  • Reduce the potential for an injury from a fall on a playground or in a play area by installing shock-absorbing material.
  • Close and secure windows accessible to children.
  • Use safety gates at stairs if kids are around.

By taking a few precautionary steps, you can reduce the potential for you, or someone you love, to suffer a TBI. If you need help pursuing a TBI situation, a brain injury lawyer can help. You can contact us to learn more about these injuries.