What are the Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries?

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Being involved in a burn injury accident can be very scary. Worst of all, these types of accidents usually lead to a variety of health complications. Depending on the cause of your accident, you may need to contact a New Orleans personal injury lawyer. When the negligence of an employer causes these types of accidents, a personal injury lawyer may be able to get you compensation for things like your medical bills or your pain and suffering. There are a variety of ways a person can be burned. The following is some information on burn injuries and how they are usually caused.

The Varying Degrees of Burn Severity

Before medical professionals know how to treat a burn, they will have to assess how severe it is. In the medical field, burn injuries are broken up into three categories.

  • First Degree Burns – These types of burns are known for causing minor tissue damage on the outside of a person’s skin. Generally, the burn will be painful and may cause the skin to turn red and swell. These types of burns are usually easily treated and will not cause any long term issues.
  • Second Degree Burns – This type of burn will greatly damage the first two layers of skin. When a person has a second degree burn, there will usually be severe pain and a number of blisters on the skin. With these types of burns, you can expect to have minimal scarring said burns are treated properly.
  • Third Degree Burns – A third degree burn will damage all of the skin layers and the muscle and bone tissue beneath. The skin that is left behind after this type of burn will usually be leathery or charred badly. Usually, medical professionals will have to perform skin grafts in order to replace the damaged outside layer of skin.

The pain and suffering caused by these burns is the main reason why it is wise to use a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans to sue the negligent party.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

There are so many different factors that can lead to burn injuries, such as:

  • Contact Burns – This type of burn is caused when your body comes in contact with hot metals, liquids or even direct flames. A variety of the burn injury cases handled by personal injury lawyers in New Orleans are a result of contact burns.
  • Radiation Burns – If you are exposed to the sun or other sources of UV rays for too long, you will usually have radiation burns. Tanning beds are one of the main sources of these types of burns.
  • Chemical Burns – When coming in contact with strong acids and alkaloids, you may have chemical burns. If the chemical burn you have sustained was caused by unsafe work conditions, you need to call on a New Orleans personal injury lawyer to get help with filing a lawsuit.

Our New Orleans injury attorney firm has handled a number of burn accident cases. You can contact us now to set up a consultation and find out more about how we can help.