What Does a Voluntary Recall Mean?

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The term recall is used to request that a product is removed from sale by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. When the CPSC finds a product that has a fault or has hazard potential, they ask the manufacturing company to recall the product. This means that the full production of a product or a batch that has been found to be defective must be removed and not sold to consumers. Product recalls are costly and can hurt a company’s bottom line and reputation. Despite this, product recalls help to limit the amount of liability towards a company due to negligence.

In some instances, a company or firm will choose to recall a product voluntarily. This means the recall was made without the CPSC issuing a mandate. A recall will take place when a product has been determined to have a defect or issues by the retailer and a federal agency that is in charge of the safety category of the product. In most cases, announced recalls are voluntary.

Product Recalls that Made Headlines

It is not uncommon for a voluntary recall to make the headlines in US news as well as abroad. Recalls can include baby products, food, toys, etc. due to issues found after the product has been placed on the shelves at retailers for distribution. Companies will often announce a recall and then offer a refund to the consumer for returning the product to the retailer or contacting the company.

An example of a recall that made headlines involves Blue Bell Ice Cream. The ice cream company Blue Bell Creamery issued a recall for several of their products as they were feared to contain Listeria. Products recalled included ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt and more. With this recall, at least ten cases of individuals were found to be affected by the contaminated ice cream with three deaths attributed to the infection.
Kraft Mac & Cheese, a popular household name, and product, had an involuntary recall in the past involving boxes of macaroni and cheese dinners. 240,000 boxes were recalled due to metal pieces having been found in boxes.

Product Recall Legal Assistance

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