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Various parts of Maritime law deal with issues regarding making a vessel seaworthy. Under these laws, the owners of sea vessels have to abide by a variety of regulations to ensure their boats are safe for their employees. If you are a victim of a vessel accident at sea due to a vessel being unsafe, then your main concern should be getting compensation for your injuries. Working with a Jones act lawyer is the best way to find out whether or not you have a vessel accident case worth pursuing. There are various things that can make a vessel unseaworthy and here are some of them.

Unsafe Tools and Equipment

Among the most common causes of accidents on seafaring vessels is unsafe tools and equipment. Before a vessel hits the high seas, the owner will have to ensure all of the equipment their employees will be using is ready to go. Maritime law makes it very clear who is at fault in accidents involving faulty tools and equipment. The best way to get the money owed for injuries involving unsafe equipment is working with attorneys familiar with the Jones Act law.

The Lack of Proper Safety Equipment

Things like hand railings and hard hats are designed to keep the workers on a ship safe. Neglecting to have railings around the various levels on a boat can create very unsafe work conditions. The Jones Act law dictates that owners of sea vessels have to provide their employees with access to the right safety equipment. Being involved in a slip and fall vessel accident due to the lack of proper safety railing can lead to life-changing injuries.

Trip Hazards on Deck

Most ships will have a number of materials lying around. Failing to properly store materials on the deck of a ship can cause slip and fall accidents. A ship should have things like raised decks and platforms where materials can be placed.

If a ship does not have the proper storage space for the items on deck, there will usually be a variety of accidents as a result. An experienced lawyer will be able to help determine who was at fault for a slip and fall accident and help you get paid for your injuries.

An Understaffed Ship

A lot of work goes into keeping a sea vessel running efficiently. When a vessel is understaffed, it can lead to problems caused by the crew being fatigued. If you feel you have been a victim of an accident due to the ship you work on being understaffed, then you will need to seek out some guidance from a legal professional. Finding out whether or not the case you have is worth investing time in to can help save you a lot of time and anguish.

When a seaman is injured on the job, the Jones Act provides an outlet for compensation. If you or someone you love has been injured while working on a sea vessel, contact Cueria Law Firm today.

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