Most people live under the “it will never happen to me” delusion when it comes to being injured. But when accidents occur, injuries can happen. One of the most life changing injuries you can sustain in an accident is a traumatic brain injury or TBI.  If the accident that caused your TBI was due to the neglectful actions of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. Contacting a New Orleans brain injury attorney is a great way to find out what your rights are in regards to a lawsuit. The following are some of the things you need to know regarding brain injury litigation.

New Technology Can Help Prove TBIs

In the past, proving a person had a TBI was difficult. There were countless accident victims who were denied compensation due to bad medical practices. Most of the methods used to determine TBIs in the past were purely theoretical, which led to a variety of mistakes. With the invention of medical technology like Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Spectroscopy, medical professionals are able to prove a person has a TBI. Your brain injury attorney will be able to schedule these procedures to build a case against the party that caused your accident.

Attempting to Work Is Important

For the most part, juries look down on people who fail to return to work after an injury. At least trying to go is important. If you are unable to go back to work due to the debilitating nature of your injury, you will need to see about getting your employer to testify on your behalf. Having this type of testimony can bode well when trying to convince a jury to award you compensation.

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