Why Bus Accident Injuries Are Far Too Common

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It is surprising to most people to learn that bus accidents happen all too often, taking place more commonly than you think. Did you know that as many as 15,000 injuries can happen a year involving a collision with a bus? The United States Department of Transportation has reported that bus accidents can cause from 11,000 to 15,000 injuries each year, with fatalities also taking place. These numbers are quite high, especially if you consider that most communities rely on this type of transportation to get from one point to another in a neighborhood or city. Buses used for transportation of residents of a town as well as students. At Cueria Law Firm, we have dealt with bus accidents and wanted everyone to understand the dangers of bus travel.

School Bus Safety

When it comes to school children, millions of kids ride the school bus to and from school in the United States on a daily basis. There are accidents involving buses where children are hurt and even fatalities. School buses, as well as public transportation, need to be held to rigorous standards to ensure the safety of every passenger.

No Requirements for Bus Safety Equipment

Even after considering the number of accidents and deaths that occur involving buses, there are currently no equipment change requirements to make buses safer. There are buses in operation that do not provide seatbelts. Does it make sense not to require buses to have seatbelts? Especially when automobile drivers must buckle up, or they can receive a ticket from police.

Another concern involving bus safety are the roofs in place do not have protection if a rollover were to take place. Windows are also not adequately glazed for maximum protection. If a bus is involved in an accident, it can flip. When the roof and windows aren’t strengthened, a bus roof can crush inward which can lead to severe injuries for those inside.

Injury Cases Involving Party Buses

Recently, cases have emerged involving party buses. In such cases, the victims were injured or even killed due to circumstances that could have been prevented. With better safety equipment in place, accidents involving buses would be less severe when it comes to injuries and save lives.

If you or someone you love is involved in an accident involving a standard bus, party bus, or school bus give the injury attorneys at Cuera Law Firm a call. We can begin to review your case and determine how you should proceed to receive just compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one.