Why Do Accidents Happen on Offshore Oil Rigs?

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At Cueria Law Firm, we service employees of the maritime industry, including offshore oil rig employees. It is not uncommon for accidents to occur on an oil rig as oil drilling is one of the most dangerous industries. As New Orleans personal injury attorneys, we often help employees of oil rigs to seek compensation after being injured while on the job. 

Offshore drilling rigs can be a dangerous work environment. Serious burns can occur as well as injury and death due to equipment that is poorly maintained. Employees of the drilling industry are also at risk of falling from high areas such as the derricks, which can lead to death or injury. 

In this line of work, employees can be on duty for long periods of time as well as days on end. This can lead to employees becoming tired and unable to pay attention or work correctly, which also results in accidents. 

Below are a few examples of how an injury can occur on an oil rig: 

  • well blowouts or explosions
  • production tank fires
  • employees being hit by a swinging cable or pipe
  • injury by cargo load or heavy equipment
  • getting caught in machinery, leading to hand or feet injury
  • improper maintenance causing equipment failure
  • falling from great heights such as from a platform or derricks

With oil rig accidents, different types of injuries can take place. When a fall occurs, or an individual is struck by equipment, bones can be crushed, or the individual can be killed. When working with machinery, fingers, and toes, even entire body parts crushed or damaged beyond repair. With an oil rig, fire hazards are in play and employees can be hurt due to an explosion or fire. Safety training and maintenance of equipment is a must for employers so that every employee remains safe while working on an oil rig. 

If you or someone you love has been injured while working on an offshore oil rig, Cueria Law Firm can help. Our team of Louisiana personal injury attorneys are ready to fight for you. We can provide you with a consultation to review your case, moving forward with filing a claim for compensation and getting you the money, you so justly deserve.

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