If you or a loved one has been injured on the job while working as a deck hand, fisherman, or diver, it is important that you have a Jones Act lawyer working for you. The Jones Act lawyers at our firm know how to fight for your rights against your employer and their insurance companies. Our lawyers know the Jones Act law, and we know what you deserve and are entitled to and what your employer is required by law to provide. Jones Act claims are special claims that require the special expertise of a Jones Act lawyer.

Why I Need A Lawyer

The Jones Act

The Jones Act is a federal statute that protects seamen who have suffered injury while working. The Jones Act law covers seamen who are injured while working on many types of vessels including ships, barges, tug boats, offshore oil rigs, riverboats, shrimp boats, fishing boats, tankers, trawlers, ferries, and any other vessel on the ocean or in intra-coastal rivers or canals. The Jones Act law also protects commercial divers and others working underwater. It is important that you understand if you qualify as a Jones Act seaman as defined by the law. Our Jones Act lawyers can determine whether you are a seaman who is protected by the Jones Act law.

Jones Act Compensation and Benefits

Jones Act lawsuits are not the same as regular worker’s compensation claims and it is important that you have an advocate who knows the law and is skilled in representing individuals with these types of claims. If you qualify as an injured seaman under the Jones Act, you are entitled to compensation for all of your losses and expenses. This means you are entitled to money for pain and suffering, medical expenses, both past and future, and past and future lost wages. You are also entitled to maintenance and cure from your employer. This is an additional benefit, not normally available to someone with a worker’s compensation claim. It is important that you know what compensation you deserve, and an experienced Jones Act lawyer can explain what you are entitled to and fight to make sure you receive everything you deserve.

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If you would like to speak to an experienced Jones Act lawyer today, please contact Cueria Law Firm, LLC. You can schedule a free consultation, and learn about the special rights you have as an injured Jones Act seaman. A Jones Act lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced with these types of claims will assist you and advocate for your rights and the compensation and benefits your employer is required by law to give you. We want to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve.