Will Self Driving Trucks Mean Less Injury?

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The sole purpose of the trucking industry is to get goods from one part of the country to another. The large 18-wheeler trucks used for these hauls can create a lot of damage when involved in a collision with a car. Getting compensated for injuries you have sustained in a semi collision can be made easier when working with an experienced New Orleans car accident lawyer.

Just like any other industry, the world of trucking has changed significantly in the last decade or so. One of the biggest trends on the horizon for this industry is the self-driving truck. Many wonder what type of impact these self-driving vehicles will have on both productivity and safety.

There is Still a Long Way to Go

Before these self-driving trucks are able to prevent car accidents in New Orleans, they will have to undergo more real-world testing. The only way for these technologically advanced 18-wheelers to work properly is by testing them on the road with other vehicles. Without real world testing, it will be a gamble when it comes time to put these machines into operation.

Removing the Chance of Human Hazard

The biggest benefit of the self-driving semi-truck is its ability to remove human error. Most of the car accidents in New Orleans involving an 18-wheeler are due to human error. Whether it be fatigue or texting while driving, human error can create a lot of damage.

Using proven coding techniques, the engineers who build these machines are able to make them safer by removing human error from the driving equation. Only time will tell whether or not these automated semi-trucks are going to last and be the savior many are touting them to be.

What Will This Do To The Trucking Industry?

One of the biggest concerns most people in the trucking industry have regarding these automated machines is what it means for human truck drivers. There are a number of 18-wheelers in the automated market still requiring a human to operate them. These semi-automated vehicles may be the best hope the trucking industry has of keeping a human element in place.

Saving Trucking Companies Money

When an 18-wheeler is involved in a collision, the owner of the rig will be on the hook for any damages done. If the driver of the car in a semi-truck collision is injured, they will usually hire a New Orleans car accident lawyer to assist them. These lawyers will do all they can to get their client the highest amount of compensation.

Implementing the use of self-driving semis can help to reduce these types of costs substantially. Only time will tell how effective this new technology will be and whether or not trucking companies embrace it.

When involved in an 18-wheeler collision, you will need to find a New Orleans injury attorney with experience. Be sure to contact us to get information regarding how we can help get you the money you are owed for your injuries.