Wrongful Death: Helping Families After the Loss of a Loved One

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Nothing can be more devastating than losing a loved one in an accident, especially when there is a negligent individual at fault. It is not uncommon for a family to lose a loved one due to the negligent or reckless behavior of another. If you have lost someone in this manner, do not hesitate to reach out to Cueria Law Firm for assistance. As New Orleans attorneys, we serve the immediate area as well as the state of Louisiana. We focus our efforts on helping families receive compensation for the loss of a family member. As wrongful death attorneys, we are on your side and fight for you. 

Understanding a Wrongful Death Claim

When a third party is responsible for the death of another individual, they can be held liable. A victim of a serious injury such as a burn or brain injury will have the ability to file a personal injury claim on their behalf. An individual who dies due to someone else’s negligence does not. 

When an individual loses their life due to the negligent behavior of someone else, that person is still entitled to compensation and legal action just as someone who files a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, the individual is no longer living and able to fight their claim. Therefore, the family has the right to file a wrongful death claim. 

Family members can seek retribution in a case when their loved one was killed by someone by filing a wrongful death claim case. Even if the individual has already been prosecuted for manslaughter or murder, a civil suit can still be filed based on a wrongful death claim. 

What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death Case?

The best way to define a wrongful death is when the negligent act or intentional act of an individual results in the death of another. Laws exist to provide legal recourse for the family members who suffered the loss of a loved one to file a claim. In each state, wrongful death claims exist. Our Louisiana wrongful death attorneys have experience in helping families file claims and are ready to assist you if you have experienced a loss as well. At Cueria Law Firm, we can review your case and determine if you have the ability to file a claim based on the cause of loss as well as your relationship to the deceased. 

Types of Incidents that Qualify for Wrongful Death

The term wrongful death is broad but does cover certain types of incidents. Not every incident will be defined as a wrongful death. Examples of wrongful death can include: 

  • Car accident due to texting, drunk driving or other negligent behavior
  • Workplace accident dues to supervision issues or lack of training
  • Assault or attack that led to the death of an individual
  • Doctor malpractice
  • Drowning accident due to premise liability or property damage
  • Defective product that resulted in death

In most cases, the children of the deceased, parents, siblings, spouses/life partner or other dependents have the right to file a wrongful death suit. If you or someone you love has lost their life due to the negligence of another contact our office today.

Let our team of attorney’s review your case and see if you qualify to file a wrongful death claim.