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An insurance company, no matter if it is providing automobile, health, life, home, or commercial insurance, is a business first. And like other businesses, the main objective for an insurance company is to receive as much profit as possible and not compensate the individuals who, month after month, paid their premiums.

In some cases, the insurance provider sends the check immediately to compensate for your loss; others may only cover part of it. There are even instances where the insured is left to fend for themselves due to one insurer’s expectation that the other insurer will handle the claim.

Insurance companies have “bad faith” statutes in the state of Louisiana they must follow. Some examples of where “bad faith” handling of insurance claims include incomplete or incompetent investigation with a claim, unnecessary delay of a claim, and denial of a reasonable settlement.

Although every commercial auto policyholder should thoroughly read their policy, much of the language is complicated and tough to understand. This jargon is especially tricky for a layperson, making it complex to determine if damages will or will not be covered under their policy. A knowledgeable attorney can explain to you what coverage you have, and what exclusion(s) apply.


Zurich Insurance Group Brief History

Zurich Insurance Group is headquartered in Switzerland and is a multinational insurer. Found in 1872 as a marine insurer, they provide service to 170 countries, including the United States. Insurance products for individuals are not offered in North America, but several insurance products for businesses are available.

Zurich allows claims to be filed on their website or by utilizing one of their many other methods.


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